Welcome Sous Chef Deli…

Hi folks, some wonderful news.  I would like to welcome Sous Chef online deli to my family of suppliers.  Simon and Rob tried Black and said it’s ‘amazing’…praise indeed.  Check out their website http://www.souschef.co.nz/  they have some wonderful items for sale.  I am going to show restraint when I go in there to look around.

I went to the Wellington Food Show last weekend, what a great time I had.  So many different types of food and drink to try.  Not as many “gadgets” as before I thought (I love kitchen gadgets, my Achilles heel)!

Watched Simon and Rob (and a little helper from the audience) help cook some delicious food, then watched Annabelle White do what she does best (apart from cook) and that’s entertain the crowd.  She is so funny, what a great way to spend half an hour listening to her tell her stories…they are all true you know?  ;o)

I would love to know just how far I walked that day.  You don’t realise as you go around and around just how far you have walked, but that’s good because I walked off all the food and wine and vodka I just had to try!  You never know, maybe next year I might be in the Artisan Village selling Black!

Right, best I go and get my order ready to send to Sous Chef, don’t want to keep them waiting for their bottles of deliciousness!


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