Thanks Nadia and Air New Zealand’s Kia Ora magazines

I was pretty jolly proud when both Nadia and Kia Ora magazines agreed to ‘star’ Black in their February and March issues.  Black looked pretty cool in them both and I have noticed a definite increase in sales so thank you.

Thank you to all the wonderful people out there who ordered Black too – I am sure you will be enjoying it as much as we do.  Current and new clients, thank you for your support.

With Bluff oysters out there in the shops now you should try Oysters Blackpatrick. Very finely dice shallots and prosciutto and lightly panfry with a little light oil.  Sprinkle over big, fat delicious Bluff Oysters in their shell and a dash of Black.  Pop those babies under the grill for the briefest of time, just warmed through and then devour.  One or two will never be enough.  Or in a Bloody Black Mary Oyster shooter…yum!

Easter is just around the corner and ANZAC Day too so enjoy your time off with family and friends.

Cheers, Tracey