Stabler and Steel Black

About Stabler & Steel

Black came about because my once favourite Worcestershire sauce suddenly seemed to change flavour.  Wanting to recapture that taste, I set out to make my own sauce and as a result, Black was born.

It took me another 15 or so years before I finally decided to sell it to the public.  I am so glad I did because people just love it!  It is unique, it is NZ made and has no additives at all.  It is a natural product and once tried…you will be a fan.

This sauce is an absolute match for tomatoes, eggs, sausages, pies, casseroles, oysters, salad dressings and is perfect in a Bloody Mary.  If you want a zingy glaze, put some in a pot and reduce to a thick gooey stage and it is just delightful spread over bbq meat.  The sky is the limit on what you use it on.  A friend of mine uses it in a sweet and sour sauce…yum.  My sons pour it over their sausages when we have a weekend big brekky.

I would like to acknowledge the help of Kent Baddeley of Ten Twentyfour restaurant in Havelock North for his design of the label and his very patient mentoring of a ‘newby’ into the world of retail.  I really could not have done this without his help.

Another person who has helped me immensely is Anna Thomson-GardnerHopkins.  Again, without her help, the public would never know about this delightful new product.

And to Matt Maclean for his unending patience helping me set up this website…thank you so much.

So.  Give the bottle a wee shake, open it up and enjoy its zingy deliciousness….